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Let's Get Serious

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Let's Get Serious

You guessed it, another sleepless night but not the average grab a book and meet sleep sometime..this is one of those "I have no sleep what so ever kind of nights" so what's the teenage thing to do?! With barely one eye opened I have mastered the art of locating my mobile in the dark and logging on to Instagram in what seems like an involuntary action.

With the usual skeptical liking, and screen munching I come across one rather interesting post, well if anything a "womanist" like myself would toss and turn in her grave.
I wipe my eye open to make sure of what the post reads, yip...I'm sure.

"The smarter the woman is, the more difficult it is to find the right man"

Wait. WHAT?! THIS is actually circulating, for a split second I think had I been up a little earlier this post would have never made it through the IG gates..but my subconscious quickly reminds me I am not the feminist police...sigh...and I cannot control the world nor what circulates within it...double sigh!!

what is it about this post that had my tummy in knots...well forget that I have just read 50 shades of grey so my Christian Grey radar is VERY much on duty...but I am bothered because I consider myself to be one of the sharper knives in the drawer, and not because "I woke up like this" but because I work my butt one can imagine why this does my head in!

Recently, ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER wrote an article entitled "Why woman still can't have it all" ( the article in a nut shell was on how maybe...just maybe the feminist ideals and superwoman aspirations were a little too ambitious, how we as woman probably need to come to terms with the fact that we cannot do everything and focusing on the more important things like family over career is OKAY. This got me thinking of another conversation I had with, sister and cliquette, Obiocha on how we as woman need to stop behaving like super beings yet crashing like twin towers when the going gets tough.

Damn. I thought to myself, if this is what younger woman, and occasionally I too am thinking then there really cannot be hope for the average young aspiring success powerhouse out this the movement??? It cannot possibly be THE MOVEMENT. I shutter to think that in a few years from now, ambition, hard work the perfect red heel partnered with a god like posture will not be enough to reshape this world, yet we still yell for "woman empowerment" at the top of our lungs in and out of the workplace and by workplace I mean within households too,THATS WORK!!!

"The smarter the woman is, the more difficult it is to find the right man": is this suggesting that we limit our potential in order to find "the right man" and does this statement still speak volumes if the roles were switched say...the smarter the man, the harder it is for him to find the right go on...what then if I tell you that Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, says "The most important career decision you are going to make is whether or not you have a life partner and who that life partner is" this decision could ultimately make or break your career...a penny for my thoughts...well, possibly TRUE. To put this into perspective, Sandburg, graduated with the top economics award from Harvard and recently had a TED Talk which she lamented the dismally small amount of woman at the top and advised young woman to not "leave before you leave".

The Denzel Principle. Let's chat a little bit about this. Well, this principle is just the idea that some women, not all women, set standards for potential mates so high as to find themselves disappointed when looking for men. Because they are looking for this ideal that couldn't possibly exist."

Hmmmm...I think to myself as i scramble through my checklist:

*Tall - that's realistic
*Intelligent  - check.
*God fearing - tricky
*Equally stimulating (in all possible ways - obtainable)

I think, HOW UNREALISTIC can this possibly be??? You see, what continues to baffle me is not so much the thought of owning 50 cats and having pet names for each and everyone I am more concerned with the negative connotation or rather assumption that this post nurtures. If ladies younger than me continue to aspire to marriage and happily ever after's, posts like these would continue to reiterate patriarchal statements such as "women like children should be seen and not heard" or phrases like " my trophy wife" would stain the lips of our societies, yet woman are still regarded as previously disadvantaged huh?!

Over the years, the "single girls club" has evolved from the usual ugly duckling punchlines within movies and reality to glamorous, independent icons...and as we finally begin to reap the benefits of a tainted stereotype...we dare clip these wings with such ridiculous posts???

Cum'on, let's get serious.

Love and Light,


Be Bold, Be Confident, Be Liberated

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