Wednesday, 22 October 2014

His Liberty Event

Her Liberty Namibia
Be Bold, Be Confident, Be Liberated

As advertised on social media, Her Liberty Namibia (HLN) organised an event called His Liberty. His Liberty is an event meant for women to show appreciation to the good men in the society (e.g father, brother, boyfriend, uncle) for their support towards fighting against breast cancer, domestic violence, passion killing & promoting gender equality. HLN members made wristbands that were to be sold for N$1. Due to the high demand of the wristbands and limited stock, HLN had to increase the price to N$2. People came in large numbers, His Liberty was quite spectacular. There were also giveaway prizes such as T-shirts, chocolates and instant airtime. To stand a chance of winning a prize, one had to pay N$10 to pop a ballon. In addition, the honored man with the most wrist bands, Kavefi Immanuel won a HLN hamper with a HLN T-shirt printed "I'm a revolutionary man" and more. The following pictures will show how the wristbands were made, all the preparations till to the day of the event. Thank you so much for the all assistance and hope we stay united.

Making of the wrist bands #teamwork


The event started at 09:00 and ended at 15:30. It was a beautiful day indeed.

The 1st HLN Participants

Our 1st HLN T-shirt winner!

Our 2nd HLN T-shirt winner!

Our 3rd HLN T-shirt winner!


Our 4th HLN T-shirt winner!


HLN Giveaway Prizes



The Winner of the HLN Hamper
The guy with most wristbands 

Kavefi Immanuel

Other HLN - His Liberty Videos

Be Bold, Be Confident, Be Liberated

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